About Us

We’re still in Beta.

Hold on. Still working on the kinks. 🙂

What is Agency Scout?

We’ve been working in digital marketing alongside dozens of partners in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary for about 15 years. We’re seeking now to help promote the partners and friends we know to do amazing work locally.

What is this for?

Referrals and word of mouth are still the go-to’s in digital. Agency Scout hopes to make this decision a little easier by curating and presenting reputable web agencies that are listed by their strengths.

How Much is a Listing?

It’s free.

How Can I Get Listed?

Head over to Add Your Company page and go through the steps. We will review the listings and check back with you. We will not approve every company as our curation seeks to only push companies that meet our criteria and we know.

What’s the Criteria for Getting Listed?

You’re reputable and known around town for being great, and/or we’ve worked with you.

My Company is on the list, but I want to update it

We will remove the existing listing once someone claims ownership over the new one at the Add Your Company page.

Will you hold my page and negative reviews hostage like Yelp or BBB?

No way. This is a curated site and we can only approve the comments that we know are legit. By only having reputable organizations that we know on this site, we will naturally not have this issue arise.


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